After the initial introductory meeting, I work the main points into a plan of action. A marketing plan that allows you to proactively approach the market. Not passively, but actively. So with clear, measurable goals. So if you’re at a trade show identify in advance who you want to meet, what you want to say, make appointments in advance and afterwards create a stack


Are you happy with the plan but don’t get around to working it out? No problem. I can help you with that, too. Based on the annual plan, I can organize the following things for you.
Scholarships. What kind of scholarship is it? Who is going to come? What target audience will I approach and what will I say?


Keeping a website up-to-date, social media and bringing in leads is already a challenge in the Netherlands. Google adjusts its algorithms all the time and LinkedIn is pricey. But you know the Dutch language and customs. That already helps go a long way in writing the right texts and setting up campaigns.

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