After the initial launch of in Germany, marketing support had taken a bit of a back seat. Changes in the team created the need for a temporary plan of action. No leads were coming in; everything sales was through cold calls. The website was a direct translation of the Dutch website. Many keywords that were essential for the German market were not yet in it.

Plan of action


SEO & Keyword check

After analyzing the website through Semrush, it appears to be fairly well constructed. Also a number of keywords are as in the right place, of course still missing the new keywords that still need to be incorporated into the site. So that’s a good start.

Update website

Together with a German-speaking copywriter who has specific expertise in this area, we are writing customized texts for this website.

Lead generation campaign

To generate concrete leads for this client, we developed a white paper. Placing these along with several blogs on the website generated very targeted leads but at the same time new keywords for the website on a current topic. To bring this new white paper to the attention of the target audience, it was supported by 3 online campaigns. Google Ads, LinkedIn and Xing

In addition, a newsletter was sent to clients and a press release was sent to the media.


Web visitation is up 100% compared to the same period last year.
The campaign generated 300,000 impressions, over 4,000 clicks and 100 leads.
The press release received nearly 1,000 clicks and was posted 30 times.

Quote “Vincent de Pooter” Marketing Director Company Info

We hired Guido as interim marketing manager for Germany to set up multiple marketing programs. Guido was able to create a plan and get results in place in a very short time; within 3 months the number of leads grew with +60%. He is an all-round marcom professional and strong in PR, branding, and lead generation both offline and online. Besides that he is very pleasant and fun to work with and a great team player.





July 10, 2022


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